SCVAA Basketball Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

 Since some teams will now play with the MYAS Rec. Basketball League, the SCVAA will be following the MYAS Return to the Court Guidelines. Please use the link to review the MYAS Safety Protocols. MYAS Return to the Court Safety Protocols.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols for 2020 VAA Basketball League
Please Note: The following safety protocols are subject to change at any time. We will be following all CDC, MDH, School District
#834 and local city/county guidelines and recommendations regarding covid-19 safety.

Grade Level Coordinators will communicate policies to coaches, parents and players, and provide regular updates and reminders.
Email for questions or to report any problems or a COVID-19 positive test.

Before SCVAA Scheduled Basketball Events:

 Parents agree to a Covid waiver during registration.

All Players, coaches, volunteers and spectators must follow any CDC, MDH and SCVAA requirements to participate in 2020
SCVAA Basketball.

 Parents, players and volunteers are not to attend any SCVAA activities if they are experiencing any illness whatsoever:
fever, cough, sore throat, muscle aches, loss of taste/smell or any other possible COVID-19 related symptoms.

 It is recommended that parents take players temperature before arriving at the gym.

 Vulnerable individuals should not participate or be spectators at any event.

 Coaching volunteers, or the designated parent, to oversee safety compliance at the team level during all events. This
includes their team’s parents. All coaches, parents and players will receive a copy of these protocols and they will also be
posted at, on the Basketball Home Page.

 You must communicate immediately with the local health department in the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case within the
team. Also inform the Basketball Commissioner of the confirmed case. A team or teams may be required to stop practice
and play for 14 days after any confirmed case. If any one player or coach tests positive for Covid-19, all team members and
possibly other teams will be removed from play for a minimum of 14 days. The SCVAA will also notify any facility owners of
positive Covid-19 tests.

 Each player must have their own basketball, face mask and water bottle with their name clearly marked on each item.

 Each team is responsible for bringing hand sanitizing products.

During SCVAA scheduled basketball events:

 All players, coaches, officials and spectators are required to wear a facemask covering their mouth and nose for the
duration of the event. Players and officials may remove masks while on the court participating.

 SCVAA reserves the right to limit the amount of parents/spectator at any SCVAA event.

 Whenever possible, everyone should enter and exit through designated areas that are different from each other.

 Parents and players should arrive no more than 10 minutes before their scheduled event time and remain in their vehicles
until 5 minutes before their scheduled event start time. Once their event has concluded, they should immediately leave the
facility and remain socially distant while returning to their vehicles.

 No Congregating Policy. Non-participating family members should maintain 6’ social distancing between living family units.
We also strongly recommend you avoid carpooling with other families this season. Players and parents must maintain social
distancing when dropping off or picking up players.

 Coaches will be taking written attendance at all events to help possibly needed contact tracing.

All players and coaches must clean and/or sanitize their hands when first arriving to practices or games. Frequent hand
washing/sanitizing during events is highly encouraged.

 Each team must sanitize the bench area before and after each game.

 Game ball sanitized before, during and at the completion of the game.

 Players must maintain 6’ social distance while courtside. Player areas must be extended to accommodate all players and
coaches with social distancing space.

 Huddles during pre-game, halftime, and timeouts must be properly distanced.

 No sharing of anything allowed.

 Game officials must adhere to the same rules as players, coaches and parents.

 If a player becomes sick while at any event, they will be taken to their parent(s) by a coach and asked to leave the facility

 No food allowed by anyone in attendance.

 Possibly no trash cans (take any of your own trash with you)

After SCVAA scheduled basketball events:
 No post-game celebrations allowed. No handshake lines after games.

 Post and pre game meetings must adhere to any mandated social distancing and face covering requirements.

 Players and coaches should sanitize their hands after their event and before leaving the facility.

 All players, parents and coaches must leave the facility as soon as the event is finished. 6’ social distancing and/or face
coverings must be used when arriving and exiting facilities.

 Players are encouraged to shower immediately upon arriving home and parents should wash all athletic clothing used
immediately after use.

 The above protocols are subject to change at any time. All parents, players and coaches will be informed of any changes via
email and they will also be posted on the SCVAA Basketball Home Page: