SCVAA Cheerleading Club Information

3rd. - 8th. Grade Information

Practice Days:   Monday and Wednesday through Labor Day. One day per week after that.

Time:  6:30 - 7:30 PM

Location:  Rutherford Elementary School Gymnasium

Please Note: All participants should come dressed in comfortable clothing and must wear tennis shoes and socks. Also bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. There will be a 30 minute Parents meeting after the first practice in August

Game Schedules will be determined and posted after Football Schedules are completed. 

Registration Information




Game Nights

Practice Nights



Cheerleading Club

Fall Saturdays

Mon. & Wed. thru Labor Day


$TBD H. S. Cheerleading Club Varsity Home Games

Tue., Wed. & Thur. in August

Tue. & Thur. in September with possible Weds. prior to game days.

For additional information send an e-mail to:  

What Grade?   When registering for spring-summer sports, please indicate the athlete's Fall 2020-2021 grade.
  For example, if the athlete will be in third grade for the Fall 2020-21 school year, he/she should be registered as a third grader.
Late Registration   None Available for Cheerleading Club. 
 Refunds   A service fee of 25% or $20, whichever is less, will be assessed on all refunds.
No refunds will be authorized after Custom Uniforms are ordered (Approx. July 1st.)
Refund forms and process can be found on the Policies page.

Cheer Staff Mission Statement

 As cheer coaches, we will strive to instill tradition,honor, commitment and pride in our teams and in each other.  We will build a solid foundation based on trust and loyalty. We will work to be organized,consistent and supportive to make this an exemplary cheer program and a positive experience for all.

9th. - 12th. Grade Information

 Practice Days: August - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

                          September -  Tuesdays and Thursdays (with possible Wednesdays prior to game days)

Participants will be required to attend ALL practices and game days.

Please Note: All 9th.-12th. grade participants will be required to also register on the Stillwater Schools Fee Pay System. There is an additional $50 fee and is required to participate.

See the Cheerleading Calendar Page for information on High School Cheerleading Informational Meeting and Dates.

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Cheerleading Club Goals

  •  Basic Cheers
  • Dance and Cheer Routines
  • Cartwheels
  • Round Offs
  • Basic Jumps
  • Back Walkover
  • Front Walkover
  • Beginner Stunts

Cheerleading Club Mission


Hard Work


It is our mission to uphold the pride and tradition of the SCVAA Football Program and the Stillwater Community through the unification of the athletes, cheerleaders, parents and fans. We will support as many football events as possible and promote a positive game-day atmosphere for SCVAA and its athletes.