2024 SCVAA Soccer Commission and Contacts

2024 SCVAA Soccer Commission

The Soccer Commission meets monthly between March and October each year to coordinate the operations of the Soccer League.

Responsibilities include: preparing budget, ordering equipment and supplies, arranging registration and team selection, assignment and coordination of volunteer coaches and referees, preparing the schedule of games and events, work with ISD 834 and SCVAA personnel to select and manage fields for SCVAA programs.

If you are interested in volunteering on the SCVAA soccer commission, please email soccer@scvaa.org and we will get in touch with you to review available openings.

The current Soccer Commission consists of:

George Gentes Soccer Commissioner


Leslie Mills

Email Coordinator


Meghan Ondracek

Kindergarten Coordinator


Brittany Olson 1st & 2nd Grade Boys Coordinator


Volunteer Wanted 1st & 2nd Grade Girls Coordinator
Katie Langer 3rd & 4th Grade Boys Coordinator


Matt Rink

3rd & 4th Grade Girls Coordinator


James DeCaro

5th & 6th Grade Boys Coordinator


Volunteer Wanted 5th & 6th Grade Girls Coordinator

Volunteer Wanted 7th & 8th Grade Boys Coordinator
Holly Bergstad 7th & 8th Grade Girls Coordinator


George Gentes 9th - 12th Grade Coordinator SoccerGentes@gmail.com
Dennis Hofbeck Referee Coordinator scvaaref@gmail.com
Brenda Gentes
Equipment Coordinator